Nurse’s Day Gift


Gift Idea for Nurses

“Conversations With Myself On The Journey of Caring”

Patient and family satisfaction with their healthcare experience is a top strategic priority for healthcare organizations.  Hospitals emerging as top tier performers hold staff accountable for understanding and demonstrating caring behaviors with every patient and family, in every interaction, every time.  Caregivers who develop a strong sense of self-awareness regarding their own caring behaviors are more effective in their caring of others.

“Conversations With Myself On the Journey of Caring” is a pocket journal that encourages caregivers to think about important elements in their caring practice. With encouraging statements and thought-provoking questions the journal is designed to inspire caregivers to pause and reflect on their own journey of caring and to embrace the importance of the contributions they make to the healing journey of others.

If you and your organization are transforming your culture of caring, I encourage you to purchase this valuable tool.  Below I have posted an excerpt from the introduction and a sample journal page.  Published just in time for Nurse’s Day, the journal is an important tool that will help you achieve the results you desire.  Blessings on your journey!

Conversations with Myself On the Journey of Caring