Health care is a business — but a business with the heart focused around our customers…our patients and their families. We entered this field because we care about our patients, their health and healing. The reality is that we can’t serve our patients unless our organizations deliver excellence in quality, financial, and satisfaction results. With the advent of quality outcomes and satisfaction results being tied to reimbursement, the necessity of having all staff engaged in the work to ensure extraordinary results is critical to organizational success. Strong nursing leadership competencies are essential to the process. Results-focused leadership reflects the reality that excellence in patient care improves patient outcomes and improves quality and satisfaction ratings which lead to better reimbursement.

At Cheri Goll Consulting we manifest a new vision for nursing leadership. Our work is individualized, interactive, and designed to help you and your organization identify and build the competencies you need in order to achieve the extraordinary results you promise to deliver. Desire and intention alone do not get us there. Organizational mission/vision/values, individual and collective competency, data driven commitment to accountability, and enduring collegial relationships are the fuel that drives our human engine toward superior results. If your organization is ready to achieve different outcomes, call me today. Let’s talk and decide if an assessment to improve your patient satisfaction and build your front line leadership competency would be in order. You can reach me at 317-679-9048. I look forward to talking with you!